Current Noise Legislation & By-laws

The current crisis is primarily caused by the fact that here are no regulations, organizations or professions protecting us from damaging sound inside our public and personal spaces.

  • Provincial governments protect employee health and safety by regulating noise in work spaces.
  • Municipal regulations attempt to protect us from annoying neighbouring sound. But these regulations are rarely enforced.
  • Some advocacy organizations warn potential victims and provide information on avoidance and self-protection.
  • The professions associated with hearing ensure members provide excellent service to their clients but so far their mandates do not include taking action against damaging sound.

By-laws – Samples from Canadian Municipalities

In December 2015 I apparently succeeded in laying a workplace noise complaint with the Ontario Ministry of Labour on behalf of the vendors and other employees at the Ottawa Senators hockey arena. The Ministry staff who accepted the complaint indicated it might have been a first.

My hunch is that big money and politicians will shut that complaint down if it starts to get somewhere up the chain of command. Glen Milne, Safe Sound

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